Lindsay Lohan A Free Woman; Warrant Dropped

Lindsay Lohan can breathe a little easier now.After the star’s attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, arrived at a Beverly Hills courthouse early this morning for a meeting with Judge Marsha Revel, they emerged around 8:55 a.m. and announced that Friday’s $50,000 warrant relating to her May 2007 DUI arrest was wiped clear.

“As I indicated over the weekend there was a misunderstanding,” Holley told reporters. “Ms. Lohan has been in compliance and she continues to be in compliance.”

Judge Revel says that the court received a letter of non-compliance from the star’s alcohol treatment program. However, it was found that, in fact, she had been in compliance with the court’s earlier terms but had not previously shown the program proof of it.Judge Revel added that from now on, it is the 22-year-old starlet’s responsibility to show proof that she is following court orders so that this doesn’t happen again. Revel also wished to clarify that the actress had not had any “dirty tests,” and that was not the cause of the warrant.

Holley says the misunderstanding occured because LiLo had been on one treatment program for a long period of time and then enrolled in another but there were “personality issues there.” She claims she had been “nothing but forthcoming in terms of what she had been doing to satisfy the conditions of the program and probation.”

E! News also learned that Lohan will be enrolling in a new program and is required to provide proof of enrollment in the new program by April 3.

Holley also indicated that the constant speculation over the warrant had a somewhat negative impact on the actress, who spent most of Saturday and Sunday holed up inside girlfriend Samantha Ronson‘s Hollywood Hills home.

Source: E!

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