Linsday Lohan Ditches Plans to Follow The Wanted to the U.K. but Still Skipping Court

Lindsay Lohan’s impromptu tour with The Wanted has come to an end.

Sources tell E! News that the embattled LiLo will has canceled plans to jump the pond to be with her new Wanted pal, Max George. This also means she won’t be hopping over to Dubai with the Brit-pop group.

Why the sudden about-face? While some peeps in The Wanted camp thought it was because Lohan is forbidden to leave the U.S. because of her probation issues, she actually is allowed to travel abroad.

Perhaps it’s because she and George aren’t officially dating. “All they’re doing is hanging out,” a source said of the twosome, who are no longer following each other on Twitter.

While Lohan is believed to still be in New York, her attorney will be in a Los Angeles courtroom tomorrow for an arraignment on the misdemeanor changes stemming from her November traffic accident in Santa Monica, in which the Porsche she was driving collided with a truck.

Additionally, it is likely that the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office will then move to revoke her probation for a previous DUI arrest. Sources have said they don’t expect Lohan to appear at the hearing (she’s not required to), but if she does, she could face being cuffed in the courtroom followed by a formal booking. If she doesn’t, a later booking date will be arranged.

And if Lohan is hoping for a reunion with George, she’ll have to go to him. The Wanted isn’t expected back in the U.S. until sometime next year after completing work on their next album.

Source: E Online

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