Lindsay Lohan — No Tricks, Yes Treats

Lindsay Lohan won’t be going door-to-door asking for treats this year — instead she’s having the candy come to her.

Sources close to LiLo tell TMZ she’s been receiving care packages of candy at Betty Ford from some of her closest friends. We’re also told Dina Lohan, her sainted mother, is scheduled to visit today and plans to bring a few things to satisfy Lindsay’s sweet tooth.

As for Halloween in Betty Ford, we’re told patients aren’t permitted to trick or treat from unit to unit and they don’t dress up — unless they just happened to pack a costume for their rehab stint.

That’s a shame … Lindsay would have made a great Snooki for Halloween

Source: TMZ

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Lindsay Lohan Blasts 3-Way Sex Tape Rumor

She’s no stranger to bad press, and Lindsay Lohan’s latest headaches are coming from a new claim that she’s got a three-way sex tape.

According to TMZ, a Facebook site has claimed to have video footage of LiLo doing the nasty with two other lovers.

Of course, the “Mean Girls” actress has completely denied any such footage and her friends say it’s all a hoax.

In related news, Lindsay is said to be doing much better with her rehab regimen this time around.

Her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley told press, “She only has one hour of internet access per day and she is using this to stay in the loop with her family and friends while trying to do some career stuff too. Lindsay has not made any great friends inside the clinic, she is just trying to keep her head down and get on with things.”

“Lindsay is taking the counseling seriously though and knows that she is in a place where she is getting help for her problems.”

Source: Celebrity Gossip

Lindsay Lohan: Betty Ford Center Is Too Expensive

While she’s surely happy to have avoided more time behind bars, Lindsay Lohan is having a tough time figuring out how she’ll afford her lengthy ordered stay at the Betty Ford Center.

With Judge Elden Fox requiring the “Mean Girls” star to continue inpatient treatment until January 3, Lohan is said to be in a pinch when it comes to funding the expected $53,000 pricetag.

A report on the matter tells, “She [Lindsay] indicates she can not afford to continue to pay for the treatment program and she needs to work.” [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan: Rehab Could Kill My Career

Lindsay Lohan told her probation officer that continued, inpatient treatment would be a hardship financially, and damaging to her career … this according to Probation Department docs obtained by TMZ.

It’s pretty stunning that Lindsay said this, since inpatient rehab was her only hope of staying out of jail.

The documents, prepared for today’s hearing, say, “The defendant says her clothing line is falling apart because she is not available to monitor the product.” She told the probation officer she’s scheduled to start working on a movie in November — we’re guessing it’s “Inferno” but the director tells us he will wait for her.

Although Lindsay says she thinks rehab has been a positive experience, the person who wrote the report says she “needs to continue to work on her issues in order to save her life.”

Source: TMZ

Lindsay Lohan feels powerless about being an addict, says she is broke

Lindsay Lohan’s probation report says the actress admits to feeling powerless about being an addict and that she needs to work on her issues to save her life.

The powerful report was prepared by Lindsay’s probation office, contains information from several of her caregivers and gives strong insight into what the troubled actress has been dealing with.

Judge Elden Fox received the report before ordering Lindsay to remain at the Betty Ford Center until January 3, giving her a break by not sending her to jail.

The probation report, relaying information from one of Lindsay’s doctors, reads: “The defendant was motivated to look at some of the problems in her life, however, there was some denial regarding her drug addiction. He feels that the longer the defendant is at the Betty Ford Center the better. [Read more...]