Porn Star James Deen Talks Working With Lindsay Lohan: “She’s Really Good”

Lindsay Lohan’s been a busy girl, and this time we’re not talking about her social calendar.

The comebacking queen (who just wrapped Liz & Dick) has been busy working on her latest film The Canyonscostarring none other than porn star James Deen.

E!’s own Ken Baker caught up with the X-rated star to find out exactly what it’s like to work with Lindsay Lohan, plus the costars share some interesting props for their steamy sex scenes (and you’ll never guess what they are).

“Awesome,” is Deen’s initial reaction to working with the oft-troubled starlet. “So far it’s been a pretty awesome experience, everything’s been really fun.”

Sounds like smooth sailing so far (no car crashes or ambulance calls!) and Deen reveals how the unusual twosome first met:

“I met her at a production meeting. We had dinner…it was the day the paparazzi were hiding in the trees and saw us smoking cigarettes on break.”

Paps in the trees?! Seems like an average day in la vida de LiLo! But now that we know Lindsay’s been a delight to work with, how did Deen feel about a less, er, sexually charged role?  

“My character is a mid-twenties trust-fund kid, who basically does whatever the f–k he wants,” Deen of his character. “I’m definitely not an actor…[but] apparentl,y I’m able to act and I’m decent at it.”

Linds, on the other hand, has years of experience up her sleeve:

“She’s really professional. She’s got great ideas. She’s involved in the characters,” Deen reveals. “She knows her s–t. She’s good. She’s really good.”

No surprise there, so let’s get to the good stuff: Exactly how much sex can we really expect?!

“The only sex scenes in the movie are for plot purposes…there’s never a moment where it’s like, ‘Now random sex scene for the sake of sex,’” Deen explains.

Are you sure about that, James? Because Linds has posted quite the revealing Twitpic with the caption “It’s interesting to orchestrate a sex scene with forks and spoons.”

Make what you want of the rather revealing photo, but no doubt, these two are bound to be two of the most exciting costars of the summer.

Can’t wait for more Twitpics!

Source: E Online

Lohan, Del Rey and Gaga ‘have slumber party’

Lindsay Lohan was “watching old movies and playing board games” at a slumber party with friends Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey this week.

The actress arranged an impromptu sleepover with her pop star pals at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Lindsay frequents the ritzy West Hollywood hotel and was excited to engage in simple fun with her girlfriends, without the aid of stimulants or cute boys.

“[They were] watching old movies and playing board games [at the] slumber party,” a source told X17 Online.

The trio giggled their way through classic sleepover activities.

“The three of them had dinner in the garden on Tuesday night at Chateau, and then Lindsay and Gaga ran upstairs to play dress up and came down in different outfits,” the source revealed.

Lindsay and Gaga seem to have lots of inside jokes about their night of girly merrymaking.

“#skinnysnack1? @ladygaga hahaha. (sic),” Lindsay tweeted to her pal.

Source: Belfast Telegraph

Lindsay Lohan’s Scary Movie Meeting, No Job Offer Yet

Lindsay Lohan isn’t as Scary as many may think.

Despite reports that the controversial starlet is close to snagging a role in Scary Movie 5, sources tell E! News no offer has even been made.

In fact, one source said, Lohan has had just one meeting with Dimension Films’ head honcho Bob Weinstein.

“They had a great meeting and they’re going to continue talking,” the source said. “But there’s no part for her right now and there’s no part being written for her yet.”

Both sides, multiple sources confirm, are interested in working together.

Dimension announced early last month that the fifth installment of the horror spoof franchise will star High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale.

Lohan recently wrapped Liz & Dick, a Lifetime movie in which she plays the late Elizabeth Taylor opposite True Blood‘s Grant Bowler as Richard Burton. She’s currently shooting The Canyons with male porn star James Deen.

Source: E Online

Cat Marnell Dishes on Lindsay Lohan

It’s the Purple Magazine party during Fashion Week and I’m at a booth with my friends.

And then there’s Lindsay Lohan.

“You guys are exactly alike,” our mutual friends have told me over and over again. And so when she’s in town, I—or perhaps that moron, Amphetamine Logic—keep expecting us to get along.

We sure do look alike: a couple of Bony Joanies in the club, our Balenciagas full of prescription bottles that rattle like maracas. We’ve both got hair so white-blonde it glows in the dark. She’s wearing heavy black eye makeup—photo-shoot makeup—ubiquitous false lashes, darling, and of course so am I.

And, then there’s the permeating toxicity that we wear like heavy clouds of perfume—to keep the boys away and all. (“I never have boyfriends either,” I’d like to imagine our giggly girl talk going, were we ever to become—HA—friends, as my other female friends actually are friends with her. “My dad is totally, like, a way abusive pathological narcissist mega-asshole who terrorized my whole family until I left home at 15 just like you did, too.”)

Am I wrong? I don’t think so. And we’ve got those mutual friends, so… Lindsay, you know I sort of know all about it.

We’ve both been black inside for a very long time, you see. Or, to look at it another way, we’ve been sealed off from the light.

When’s the last time you saw joy on Lindsay Lohan’s face in a magazine?

If you know me, when’s the last time you saw joy on mine?

There’s a “pinched amphetamine expression,” as doctors call it, that I’ll explain more to you in another column—but let’s get back to Le Bain.

It was recently reported in the tabloids that Lindsay claimed she doesn’t even drink anymore, and I guess I… vaguely believed this. I mean, at this point in my own life, I take so much amphetamine that I just sip one glass of champagne per hour, and that’s not drinking, really.

But now, as I’m sitting next to her and even trying not to watch her, doubt is creeping in. She is a fucking mess.

You just can’t help but see it.

Tonight my supposed doppelganger (I’m not gonna go that far—my Instagram celebrity matcher game said I looked like Uma Thurman, OK?) is wearing a red chiffon halter dress with a pleated skirt, like she’s stuck in some sort of cheesecake Marilyn Monroe 20th Century Fox picture: Monkey Business! Don’t Bother to Knock!

And hey, she’s got the comedic timing nailed: every 20 minutes or so, she slips off the ledge of the booth where we’re perched and onto the seat below. Whoops!

And all her friends giggle and help her up. “Oh, Lindsay!”

After about an hour of this, I watch as all of her friends—and our mutual friends—happen to drift away from our booth at the same time. Oh dear, I think.

I’m not… scared of her or anything, but she’s definitely never been nice to me. Or really anyone I know personally, except for our mutual friends and people I’ve worked with in magazines that have shot her.

Our previous encounters, over the past seven years or so, have been very few and very brief.

“Can you PLEASE stop sitting on my DRESS?” she hissed at me years ago when I was squished up next to her at Bungalow 8. (I was not sitting on her dress.)

She can’t come,” Lindsay once said on 28th Street, during that same Bungalow 8 era, pointing a finger at me as bunches of us piled into SUVs for an afterhours.

Things like that. I have about four more stories, but enough.

The common theme was: We’ve always had the same look. And Lindsay, I have come to understand, does not like that anywhere around her.

I get it.

So there we are at Le Bain, in this massive room lined with floor to ceiling glass way above the city, looking out over the Hudson River, with 500 hundred people packed inside. But they all—and I—keep a distance from her, like there’s some strange force field repelling us.

And among all of this commotion we are now alone. (more…)