LAPD Wants to Chat Over Alleged Hit-and-Run

Lindsay Lohan‘s not in the clear yet after allegedly bumping a hookah lounge manager with her Porsche this week — because TMZ has learned, the LAPD wants to chat with her about the incident.

Law enforcement sources tell us, they want to talk to Lindsay to get her side of the story — and decide once and for all if a criminal investigation is worth pursuing.

There are conflicting stories all over the place — multiple eyewitnesses claim Lindsay bumped the manager of a nearby hookah lounge on her way out of The Sayers Club in Hollywood early Wednesday morning. Another eyewitness insists … no contact occurred whatsoever

So now, police want to go right to the source — and speak directly with Lindsay to make sense of it all.

Source: TMZ

Lindsay Lohan calls alleged hit-and-run incident ‘a complete lie’

Lindsay Lohan said Wednesday that allegations she’d been involved in a hit-and-run in the wee hours were, at the very least, overblown.

“Scrape? This is all a complete lie,” Lohan wrote in an extended Twitter post. “I’ve been at community service. Last night, I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday, which I didn’t even get to do because I was freaked out by all of the paparazzi. These false accusations are absurd.”

Lohan was trying to avoid paparazzi in Hollywood and was negotiating a U-turn when she “brushed” a man’s leg, Officer Norma Eisenman told L.A. Now. Witnesses reported that Lohan was behind the wheel and that she drove away, police said, but Eisenman said Lohan was not contacted.

The man, reportedly a manager at the nearby Hookah Lounge, allegedly told paparazzi and police at the scene that he didn’t need medical attention, according to TMZ, whose unnamed sources said he went to an emergency room hours later and was considering pressing charges.

No hit-and-run investigation was opened by law enforcement who went to the scene. Lohan’s rep told Gossip Cop that Lilo didn’t even get out of her car when she got to the Sayers Club because there were so many photogs that she decided to drive away.

“At no point was there ever any indication that her car hit anyone or anything,” the rep added.

Early reports implied that Lohan had been inside the establishment. The Sayers Club has the actress’ back on that.

“Contrary to reports surfacing, Lindsay Lohan was not at the Sayers Club Tuesday evening or Wednesday early a.m.,” said a rep for the venue, located on Wilcox Avenue near the 6500 block of Hollywood Boulevard, where the incident allegedly occurred shortly before 1 a.m. Wednesday. The Hookah Lounge is on the boulevard.

Source: LA Times

Marilyn Monroe Sketch Axed by ‘Saturday Night Live’

Lindsay Lohan was all set to continue her obsession with Marilyn Monroe during last week’s “Saturday Night Live” — but a sketch featuring her and Jon Hamm was scrapped at the last minute … TMZ has learned. 

According to our sources, the sketch was to feature Lindsay as Marilyn and Hamm as JFK appearing to Rick Santorum (played by Andy Samberg) while he is at conservative event (see photo above). 

During the sketch, Marilyn and JFK explain Marilyn was on birth control provided to her by Medicare, which causes Santorum to vomit uncontrollably. Santorum (the real one) recently said that JFK’s speech from 1960 about keeping religion out of politics “makes [him] want to throw up.”

In the end, we’re told the sketch made it all the way to rehearsals, and was even performed in front of a live audience, but was ultimately cut because of time constraints.

Lindsay has channeled Marilyn several times over the years, including her most recent Playboy cover.

Source: TMZ

Lindsay Lohan No Longer Living At Chateau Marmont, Is Laying Low

Lindsay Lohan is no longer living at the infamous Chateau Marmont, and is back in Los Angeles after hosting Saturday Night Live, is exclusively reporting.

As previously reported, the actress ditched her trendy Venice townhouse because of security concerns and decamped to the Chateau Marmont. LiLo has an artist friend who bought a room at the famed hotel for a year, and he offered the room to her because he wasn’t using it.

The actress, who is in the midst of a career comeback, checked out of the Chateau several weeks ago. “Lindsay left the hotel about two-and-a-half weeks ago. It was only temporary, but her new digs could be permanent,” a source close to Lohan tells “For the first time in ten years, the paparazzi don’t know where she is living and she is enjoying not being hounded. Great precautions are being made whenever Lindsay comes and goes from her new residence so that she isn’t spotted. Of course, that can’t last forever, but it’s a nice break for her to just relax a bit at home like a normal person.”

Now in the homestretch of her court ordered community service, Lindsay must complete 14 days of duty at the morgue, and five therapy sessions, by March 29, and then she will finally be off formal probation and will no longer have to check in with a probation officer. She will be required to be in court for her last progress report, and hopefully, that will be the last time the actress will see the inside of a courthouse!

After completion of her probation requirements, Linds will begin shooting the Lifetime Elizabeth Taylor biopic movie in Canada.

Source: Radar Online